SMART director featured in Economic Times


When the Economic Times decided to take a good, hard look at sustainable transportation in an April 12, 2012 story, they called  SMART managing director Susan Zielinski, who can tell you there’s a lot more to sustainable mobility than putting  everyone into an electric car.

Zielinski discussed the kind of integrated innovations that would make getting around both convenient and affordable – everything from better walkways and designated bike lanes to seamless mass transit interchanges.  SMART is working with Ford Motor Company on a dozen U.S. mobility hubs, which would ease traffic congestion and let commuters easily switch between modes of transportation. SMART, which began as a CARSS project at the University of Michigan has been launched to a joint affiliation with U-M’s Transportation Research Institute and the Taubman College, is also involved in mobility projects around the world, including several in India.

This spring SMART will jump-start three sustainable mobility enterprises with the new SMART Mobility EnterPrize (a.k.a. “The Mobi”), providing young entrepreneurs with cash, mentoring and an international stage from which to present their new ideas to the world.

The award was created to support young entrepreneurs and those offering integrated solutions and those benefiting the everyday life of the urban poor and other vulnerable people living in cities.

Three winners will each receive mentoring, $5,000 and travel to present on a world stage at Rio +20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.