Driving Detroit forward with data

“There are so many really great ideas for things in Detroit, and it seems we’re at a real point of determining how we move from ideas and dreams to actual projects and implementation. I think this is a critical tool to help people make that step.”- Project team member John Callewaert, Integrated Assessment Program Director, Graham Sustainability Institute.

Data Driven Detroit has become the go-to source for data on Detroit and Southeastern Michigan. When presented in a “layered map” format, the nonprofit’s work puts a world of information in the hands of those who need to answer questions about social, environmental and economic indicators at a neighborhood level.

The Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan has partnered with Data Driven Detroit to build a broad set of sustainability-related data layers to be added to Data Driven Detroit’s database as part of the Detroit Sustainability Indicators project. It includes data on:

  • Air pollution
  • Use of vacant space
  • Green infrastructure and storm water
  • Economic disparity and federal investment
  • A measure of Detroit’s sustainability as determined by a new urban sustainability index

Combining this new information with existing data offers a unique opportunity for policy making and sustainable redevelopment in the city. But this wealth of information is only valuable if it’s used.

With CARSS support, the Graham Institute and Data Driven Detroit will work to provide opportunities to bring the data and data analysis techniques to people working to improve conditions in Detroit. The Driving Detroit Forward with Data project includes developing training modules to help community members and decision makers access the data they need, and a series of hands-on summer workshops in 2013, 2014 and 2015.