Plan for a Healthy Detroit

Health Impact Assessment

The Detroit Works Project’s (DWP) Strategic Framework Plan will guide short- and long-term decision-making related to economic growth, land use, residential neighborhoods, and infrastructure of city systems in Detroit. The plan features:

  • A shared vision for the city and its neighborhoods
  • Public policy recommendations
  • Implementation strategies

Healthy Neighborhoods for a Healthy Detroit: Incorporating Health Impact Assessment into Planning for the Future of Detroit (D-HIA) is working to ensure those visions, recommendations and strategies consider the impact of future decisions on health and equity for Detroit residents.

An affiliated partnership of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center, D-HIA is a collaborative, multidisciplinary partnership guided by a Steering Committee made up of leaders of Detroit community-based organizations, faculty from several U-M departments, a data organization, and city officials.

With CARSS support, D-HIA will conduct a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Detroit – to systematically identify the potential health effects of proposed policies, projects and programs and to recommend actions that enhance health benefits while minimizing negative effects.

Building stronger connections

The health impact assessment process will engage neighborhood residents, planners, scholars, businesses, and decision makers using methods and tools that have been successfully used in other cities to inform “non-health” decisions, such as land use, jobs, and transportation.

D-HIA will strengthen relationships between stakeholders in the city and build capacity for considering health in future decisions. Through formal and existing links to the DWP leadership, the HIA findings and recommendations will contribute to the city’s decision-making process, to make sure that plans for the future lead to a healthier and more equitable Detroit.